Sports Medicine Specialist in NYC

Sports Medicine Specialist NYCDo you need to find a good sports medicine specialist NYC?

As New Yorkers, we know how important it is to stay active. After all, that train or cab will never wait for us and we always find ourselves chasing one thing or another, usually on foot! However, in many cases, all of the hustle and bustle can take a big toll on our bodies. New Yorkers, both Manhattan residents and those who live in the boroughs, are known for their great physique and always keeping shape. When the big apple throws a curve ball your way, the sports medicine specialist of NYC will be there to help you recover!

physical therapy specialist nycA sports medicine specialist is a doctor who has undergone extensive specialized training, usually in the form of an accredited fellowship. This includes several aspects of patient care and treatment, all which help maximize the mobility of the patient, in order to keep them on track with their active lifestyles. Although the title may lead you to believe that these physicians only work with pro athletes, it is quite the contrary. Sports medicine doctors work with individuals of all ages and backgrounds, to help them accomplish a common goal: getting more active, without the pain!

Photo Download 21 Apr 2016 (1) (231)Sports medicine focuses solely on the study of the musculoskeletal system. However, it differs from orthopedics because it traditionally uses a less invasive, non surgical approach. Studies show that over 70% of patients who attended sessions in a sports medicine practice were able to avoid intensive surgery. In many cases, the physician will work together with a team of other trained individuals, in some cases even personal trainers, to help get you back on your feet and walk down the street!

back pain doctorWe know how important it is to lead a healthy lifestyle in New York City. Sports medicine focuses on treatment of bones, joints and tendons, as well as deeper issues. Athletes with both acute and chronic pain and illness often seek out these treatments as a form of therapy or rehab. They are even prescribed very specific exercise regimens to help them prepare for the following season (whether the Olympics or the softball league in the park!). If you are experiencing any pain during your physical activities, consult a sports medicine specialist NYC. They will treat you and give you the “ok to play” in no time! Dr. Steven Moalemi is truly the best physiatrist NYC!