Manhattan Physical Therapy And Rehabilitation

Is Manhattan physical therapy and rehabilitation tougher than in other areas?
manhattan physical medicine and rehabilitationOne thing is for sure: New Yorkers consider themselves busier and under more stress than in any other city of Earth. Everything is more intense in New York. The pace is faster. People are louder. One could even argue that injuries hurt more. Whether it is just “tough talk” or actual fact, injuries in NYC hurt at least as much as anywhere and expert Manhattan physical therapy and rehabilitation is in-demand.

Busiest city, busiest Manhattan physical therapy and rehabilitation

manhattan back and neck clinicBeing rated the busiest city on the planet, New York has at least the highest likelihood for stress or accident-related injury. The hustle and bustle of New York is like no other city. A high concentration of injuries that require treatment, combined with complex and tough injury types requires a tough-as-nails approach. Combinations of therapies, integrating various angles, specialists and even equipment, more and more New Yorkers are finding relief from the most intricate injuries imaginable. From slips and falls to auto accidents and work injuries, even a city this busy can find relief.

Athletic amateurs slower to heal, faster to need therapy

herniated disc relief nycVisit central park on any given day and find athletes of all types and levels running, cycling, walking and doing all manner of activities. Metropolitan areas are notorious for this type of activity, New York having a higher concentration than most. This creates for an even greater likelihood for sports-related injury. Manhattan physical therapy and rehabilitation is commonly sought for such injuries. With a much higher concentration of amateur athletes than pro, NYC clamors Manhattan physical therapy and rehabilitation. Amateurs typically have longer healing periods than pros and need more intense care.

Surgeries on the rise, rehab in-demand

physical therapy review center new yorkPerhaps the most stunning fact about Manhattan physical therapy and rehabilitation, is that, with such a large population, surgeries are proportionately more common than in other areas. One particular facility performs more orthopedic surgeries than any other. These facts and figures are exemplary of highly-populated areas. Rehabilitation is, of course, even more in-demand in these situations.

Getting the best Manhattan physical therapy and rehabilitation

physical therapists in midtown manhattanEmpire Physical Medicine and Pain Management provides integrated pain management, physical therapy and rehabilitation including physical medicine and even exercise. It is a facility designed to contend with the biggest injury contenders from athlete to worker and from amateur to pro. With a city as tough as NYC, and the injuries it can dole out, any less than this high standard is unacceptable.

Manhattan Physical Therapy and RehabilitationWhen trying to work through the daily hustle and bustle of life in the big apple, very few of us have spare time carved out for any pains or strains. That being said, even fewer of us have time to go under the knife for invasive surgeries and procedures which can take months or even years to recover from. This is where physical therapy comes in, it is a safe, more holistic approach to treating a variety of illnesses and injuries of the musculoskeletal system.
Midtown physical rehabilitation CenterIt is well known that the spine is both literally and figuratively the backbone of the human body. This is a concept which physical therapy and rehabilitation specialists practice daily. They begin by diagnosing the patient’s symptoms and forming a treatment plan. PT treatment plans usually range from a few weeks to several months, often depending on severity and progress. The goal is to help patients regain up to 100% of their original mobility, while increasing their strength and overall wellness.

DSCN2373Physical therapists mainly focus on a few main cases, which are: helping patients with postoperative joint mobility, athletic injuries, arthritis and various diseases and syndromes which can affect ligaments, tendons, muscles and bones. Therapists and rehabilitation specialists often work together with a group of physicians, including primary care physicians, orthopedists, neurologists, nutritionists, internal medicine specialists and others.

PT NYC 2We know how stressful it can be to sit in that big board meeting and just feel yourself struggling with discomfort or pain. The physical therapy and rehabilitation specialists of Manhattan want to help you, by implementing holistic exercise and therapy methods. Don’t enter the busy fall season with muscle pain or aches. Give yourself the head start you deserve and call for your consultation today at (212) 867-1111.