Sports Medicine Specialist in NYC

Sports Medicine Specialist NYCDo you need to find a good sports medicine specialist NYC?

As New Yorkers, we know how important it is to stay active. After all, that train or cab will never wait for us and we always find ourselves chasing one thing or another, usually on foot! However, in many cases, all of the hustle and bustle can take a big toll on our bodies. New Yorkers, both Manhattan residents and those who live in the boroughs, are known for their great physique and always keeping shape. When the big apple throws a curve ball your way, the sports medicine specialist of NYC will be there to help you recover!

physical therapy specialist nycA sports medicine specialist is a doctor who has undergone extensive specialized training, usually in the form of an accredited fellowship. This includes several aspects of patient care and treatment, all which help maximize the mobility of the patient, in order to keep them on track with their active lifestyles. Although the title may lead you to believe that these physicians only work with pro athletes, it is quite the contrary. Sports medicine doctors work with individuals of all ages and backgrounds, to help them accomplish a common goal: getting more active, without the pain!

Photo Download 21 Apr 2016 (1) (231)Sports medicine focuses solely on the study of the musculoskeletal system. However, it differs from orthopedics because it traditionally uses a less invasive, non surgical approach. Studies show that over 70% of patients who attended sessions in a sports medicine practice were able to avoid intensive surgery. In many cases, the physician will work together with a team of other trained individuals, in some cases even personal trainers, to help get you back on your feet and walk down the street!

back pain doctorWe know how important it is to lead a healthy lifestyle in New York City. Sports medicine focuses on treatment of bones, joints and tendons, as well as deeper issues. Athletes with both acute and chronic pain and illness often seek out these treatments as a form of therapy or rehab. They are even prescribed very specific exercise regimens to help them prepare for the following season (whether the Olympics or the softball league in the park!). If you are experiencing any pain during your physical activities, consult a sports medicine specialist NYC. They will treat you and give you the “ok to play” in no time! Dr. Steven Moalemi is truly the best physiatrist NYC!

NYC Arthritis Treatment Research Can Be Painful

arthritis nycLooking for quality arthritis NYC treatment should not cause additional pain!

Arthritis is painful enough. In fact, it is one of the most painful conditions there are. Looking for NYC arthritis treatment, therefore, should not add additional pain or strain to an already bad situation. Arthritis care should not only provide relief, it should be the best relief outcome scenario possible and should include many factors and facets. Here is how alleviate the additional “pain” and stress to find the most complete treatment available.

Arthritis NYC with the “royal treatment”

One of the top things to look for in any type of care is not just the treatment of the condition. How you are treated personally is actually vital to getting the best care possible. For the stress and strain of a bad or uncomfortable experience can negate treatment effects. There are even studies that prove that a physician’s warm, friendly attitude influences patient outcomes.

Are multiple specialties consulted and utilized?

DSSOR (34 of 44)To ideally solve any problem, it should be approached from as many angles as possible, considering all aspects of the problem’s causes. Any effective investigation outcome always starts with inquiries into different aspects, angles and causes, narrowing things down to those that point to the best explanation. Treating arthritis NYC is no different. Treatment of the problem using multiple specialties within physical medicine is key to a more complete solution.

Has a proper diagnosis been given? Does “arthritis” sum it up?

One of the most overlooked factors of NYC arthritis treatment is that which precedes it: diagnosis. The fact is that diagnostic procedure is far more crucial and important than treatment. It dictates treatment options by successfully isolating a correct cause. Sometimes it is more than just “arthritis” and is more specified. Multiple questions should be asked. What other conditions and health problems does the patient experience? What trauma has been experienced over the patient’s entire life? What maladies may be related to and exacerbating and prolonging the condition? How much deterioration has occurred and over that duration? There are many questions and the best practitioners will leave no stone unturned. The more specific, the better the diagnosis and the more streamlined the treatment.

The best arthritis treatment in New York City

best arthritis doctor new yorkThe specialists at Empire Physical Medicine and Pain Management, and Downtown Spine, Sports & Orthopedic Rehabilitation P.C., approach arthritis utilizing multiple specialties based on specific and precise diagnostic procedure ensuring the most laser-precise care imaginable, all while providing the “royal treatment” in terms of caring for the patients themselves. The result is the best possible NYC arthritis treatment with the best possible outcomes. Schedule a consultation to find out how good arthritis treatment results can be and what it may enable you to do as a result.

Are Any NYC Physical Therapy Clinics Open On Weekends?

nyc physical therapy clinics open on week-endsAre you looking for NYC physical therapy? New Yorkers are busy people, there is no doubt, especially when you ask them. So much is this the case that they often seek services which can be provided on weekends. While a trip to the beauty salon, barber or even the dentist or optometrist may be a given in this regard, what about physical rehabilitation? Is it too much to ask to find physical therapy clinics NYC open on weekends? Here are some reasons why it is a reasonable search. There are a few direct benefits.

Weekend services make the impossible possible

Some people are so busy in their career and life that they work from sun up to sun down, quite literally, only to find most professional offices closed by the time they start the long commute home. It is surprising how many people work a 50+ hour work week. Weekend services become paramount to these people and for this reason, they are the most likely to seek NYC physical therapy clinics open on weekends. It seems to be the only time possible.

Expanded flexibility of during-the-week scheduling

Even the busiest of career professionals need to miss work due to illness. Although it is not that often, having a surgical procedure or just being too sick to go in do occasionally interfere with a work schedule. Missed workdays cost money and consequently, busy professionals look to keep them to an extreme minimum. Sometimes physical therapy requires multiple visits. Finding physical therapy clinics in NYC that are open on weekends can help minimize the time spent, taking some of the hours out of the work week.

Stress is a major factor in health and recovery

Jobs in themselves can be stressful. For someone who has to miss work, who absolutely cannot do so, however, stress can be a major factor. It is well-known that stress can exacerbate and even cause health problems. Therefore, stress over missing work hours can not only create a health problem, it can hinder, slow or prevent therapy results from occurring. Physical therapy clinics in NYC which are open on weekends can help ease the stress by minimizing missed work hours during the week, making a significant difference.

NYC physical therapy clinics open on weekends a must

Call to schedule a session with the best physical therapists NYC. Empire Physical Medicine and Pain Management, and Downtown Spine, Sports & Orthopedic Rehabilitation, are not only available before and after normal work hours, but are open on Saturdays to accommodate those who work far beyond and outside of the normal “nine-to-fiver” creating a less-stressful, more accommodating schedule that keeps lost hours to a minimum and results to a maximum.

Physical Therapy 10036

If you’re looking for physical therapy 10036, you may have heard…
Physical therapy 10036

There is pretty big news for those seeking physical therapy in 10036. There is an option now available that includes for going above and beyond mere physical therapy and includes for methods of address of conditions from a variety of angles for a fuller result.

Expert physical therapy 10036

Physical therapy in 10036 is what you seek and, of course, top therapists should be insisted upon. This is a standard set in this area by Empire Physical Medicine and Pain management. The best in physical therapists have been selected to work on patient cases in coordination with a team to provide top results. Insisting on top physical therapists is the foundation of finding the best treatments available.

Physical medicine supervised therapy

MD supervision is a major plus when receiving physical therapy, however, when the MD is trained in physical medicine, this is a major bonus. There are definite standards for supervision, all of which are held by this particular team of specialists. Such a standard can be the difference between short-lived and long-lasting results and the long-term result is held as the end-all of treatment.

Physician-therapist collaboration

Collaborative medicine is not only becoming more apparent and main stream, it is insisted-upon by an increasing number of patients worldwide. It is no longer the future of care, it is an essential part of the here-and-now. The good news about physical therapy in 10036 is it now comes with the collaboration of a variety of professionals working on the same cases to deliver the utmost result from therapy.

State-of-the-art physical therapy in a healing environment

Physical therapy can be very mechanical in nature however, in a “nature vs nurture” sense, more care and attention to the healing environment and caring manner of the staff is not only desirable, it is essential. A calm relaxed environment with a caring staff has been created to achieve top results, especially where regards the comfort of the patient undergoing care.

Looking for physical therapy in 10036 ends at Empire Physical Medicine and Pain Management, where a calm, healing environment houses medically supervised physical therapy which is coordinated via a staff of top professionals to make for high-standard rehabilitation. Call today and make an appointment to see how you can have top care close to home or work in the 10036.